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  Currently residing in the Denver area, my main focus is glamour, portrait and event style photography. However I'm not limited to those styles, I love to capture concert/live music performances as well as sports.

I like to take pictures and give them that extra pop that you don't normally get when your friend takes a picture of you with their point and shoot camera. I do this by using a professional camera, lights, backgrounds, and editing. I can easily remove any blemishes and scars. I can make your skin look silky smooth and even take off a few pounds in those hardest to lose areas.

I'm able to do these kinds of things because I've had an interest in photography for the last 10 years. This interest also applied to learning digital editing tools like Photoshop. Knowing how to take pictures, and how to give them that extra something in post processing is what I think makes up a digital photographer today.

So if you think you have 'the look', or your friends tell you that you need to get some pictures done, schedule an appointment and come see me down at The Lab.



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